We Provide

Virtual Assistant Service

Engaged our service can takes the weight off your shoulders, giving you back the time and energy to run a successful business. With more hours at your disposal, you can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about other not improtant task.

Business Owner


As the business grow, are you the busy business owners type who are struggling the at the same boat? Your ‘to-do’ list growing as fast as your business? You work super long hours – other may see you being energy and enthusiasm.

When a business leader tries to do everything on his or her own, he becomes less efficient. He becomes exhausted and faces the risk of burning out.

I'm a Virtual Assistant based in Malaysia

Provide Virtual Assistant Service For Busy professionals

Let me help you up with your problem. I am ready to start working with you today. Buzz me whether you need a dedicated assistant or you want to delegate the occasional task, I'm here for you.

Let me be your

secret weapon for getting things done

HI, my name is Cody, I am a Virtual Assistant Based in KUALA LUMPUR. 

I provide Virtual Assistant Service for business owner who need help. I am a dedicated professional that ready to perform the following tasks and business processes from my remote office – giving you more freedom and allowing you time to achieve your work and life goals.


You can time, money, and headache. Take control of your entrepreneurial life and learn how to effectively outsource your non-essential tasks. You’ll free up hours every day to focus on what’s really important.


Hire me will lead a happier, healthier, and more productive and stress-free life.

Why you Should

Hire me as your VA

For those that know they need assistance to manage their work load here are just some of the reasons why you would benefit from a virtual assistant:

  • Working virtually means you will not incur office costs for a new member of staff

  • Employing a virtual assistant costs less than hiring a full time employee and incurs no recruitment fees

  • You do not need to have the physical space to accommodate an assistant in your office or home

  • I can offer flexible working patterns to suit your lifestyle or business performance

  • You will only pay for the hours that you actually require, when you require them

  • I have been an assistant for over 20 years, allowing me to bring you a wealth of experience from a range of sectors

  • You will have peace of mind that all your tasks are completed professionally, thoroughly, correctly and on time!