You need

To Take a Break

You had been working long hours, yet your to-do list seem like never ending.

You wish to have more time or wish you had another “You”?

You feel like there’s only work and no life.

You wish to have 2nd Pair of Hand.

You wish to have more time in a working day.

You wish you could hire someone for help but you have budget constrain.

Business Owner


Running a business requires taking on many tasks and responsibilities. As a business grows, it may require greater efforts to help support this growth. 

Virtual Assistant


Time is one of the most important and precious resources small business owners must learn to manage. And with just so many hours in the day, using virtual assistants is one way to help you regain some of those lost hours.

In reality, a Virtual Assistant is a valuable business asset accomplishing the tasks left on your ‘to-do’ list. Allowing you to focus on the parts of your business you love, whilst offloading the bits that you don’t.



Understand your current situation

Noted that "You can do anything but you can't do everything" You need to dedicated out some of you task to someone. 

Engaged Virtual Assistant Service

Contact me! Share to us, the VA that you need us to assist you with the task. Upon agreed with the task and required by both party. The deal is ON.

Dedicate and Outsource Everything to VA

You shouldnt be too much worry once you dedicated to the VA, We will get the job done for you. 

Virtual Assistant

on the Rise right now!!

Thanks to the more connected world the Internet and the ever advancing technology has to offer, workers can perform tasks wherever, whenever. This phenomenon created a new job tread in the market namely virtual assistant.


VA usually are freelancer, or independent contractor who works online and performs a variety of tasks to help individuals or businesses.

Remote Station

VA dont station in the office, they usually work at home and in fact, may never meet their clients in-person.

Service Offer

VA can offer a lot of services an in-house administration tasks would traditionally. Depends on VA experience, it can be expends to other areas such as Marketing, Sales or Operation.